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Presented by WAN’s Editor, Michael Hammond, Shop Talk features topical interviews with the movers and shakers of architecture. Focused on current news, our evolving programme provides a platform for architects to reach a wider and increasingly mobile audience.

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Russell Acton #140 POSTED ON 18.11.2016 - [00:23:40]

A most uncommon building…

We spoke to Russell Acton, Principal at Vancouver-based Acton Ostry Architects who were the brains behind the building, in close collaboration with structural engineer Fast + Epp, tall wood advisor Architekten Hermann Kaufmann of Austria, and Structurlam in Penticton BC.

wp_infra #138 POSTED ON 25.10.2016 - [00:52:27]

Spotlight on inspirational infrastructure

Now that the dust is finally settling after the whirlwind that was UK Construction Week in Birmingham last week, we’ve had the chance to take stock of some of the fascinating encounters and discussions we experienced at the show.

wp_concrete #139 POSTED ON 25.10.2016 - [01:02:12]

Concrete’s back! But did it ever really go away?

Michael kicked off the exchange of ideas by describing how although concrete was a champion in the reconstruction of post-war Britain, it later lost favour with architects and the public at large, rendering brutalist buildings the ‘endangered elephants of the post-war era’.

Oliver Tyler and Julian Robinson #137 POSTED ON 18.10.2016 - [00:25:47]

Light at the end of the tunnel…

Michael Hammond goes underground to speak to two of the protagonists behind the biggest construction project in Europe about the architectural and engineering challenges involved when building on such a massive scale