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Presented by WAN’s Editor, Michael Hammond, Shop Talk features topical interviews with the movers and shakers of architecture. Focused on current news, our evolving programme provides a platform for architects to reach a wider and increasingly mobile audience.

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Our latest and most successful series features more relaxed interviews with prominent architects, delivering a unique insight into the people behind the architecture; exploring their creative roots, what drives them, music and inspirations…
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Flemming Rafn Thomsen and Jeppe Ecklon from Tredje Natur (Third Nature) #149 POSTED ON 17.11.2017 - [00:25:56]

Re-inventing the streets in Copenhagen…

In this episode we meet Flemming Rafn Thomsen and Jeppe Ecklon from Tredje Natur (Third Nature) a Danish firm who are pioneering a possible solution to the growing problem of urban flash flooding.

Neil Porter and Mary Bowman #148 POSTED ON 27.10.2017 - [00:32:47]

Far from the Madding Crowd

In this episode, we visit the North London studio of Gustafson Porter + Bowman and talk to directors Neil Porter and Mary Bowman about the role of Landscape Architecture in tomorrow's cities.

Lance Josal #147 POSTED ON 13.10.2017 - [00:39:27]

The reality of architecture in a virtual world…

So it was with today’s guest that as the interview progressed, a whole new narrative started to evolve, one that could or should ring twin alarm bells of danger and opportunity to every practising architect.