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Presented by WAN’s Editor, Michael Hammond, Shop Talk features topical interviews with the movers and shakers of architecture. Focused on current news, our evolving programme provides a platform for architects to reach a wider and increasingly mobile audience.

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Our latest and most successful series features more relaxed interviews with prominent architects, delivering a unique insight into the people behind the architecture; exploring their creative roots, what drives them, music and inspirations…
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Mark Burry Sagrada Familia #129 POSTED ON 24.12.2015 - [00:28:49]

Man on a mission

Mark Burry talks to Michael Hammond about how the ruins of Gaudi’s vision have been pieced together and transformed into a state-of-the art construction project complete with 3D modelling and off site manufacture.

Wolf Prix - Coop HIMMELB(L)AU #112 POSTED ON 26.06.2015 - [00:22:28]

1968 and all that…

Last year the French city of Lyon saw the opening of the incredible Musée des Confluences, the latest cultural project in a long line of ever more ambitious buildings…

Doug Suisman #115 POSTED ON 17.07.2015 - [00:38:35]

In search of normality

The bar of a London Club provided a perfect backdrop as Doug calmly relayed his amazing story of being projected into the heart of the Middle East conflict and how a small window of opportunity provided both sides of the conflict with a ray of hope…

Daniel Libeskind #132 POSTED ON 29.01.2016 - [00:43:46]

Building visions out of suffering

When you listen to Daniel Libeskind’s remarkable life story, it seems his path has been shaped by a number of what he describes as ‘life-changing moments’

Nicolas Moreau and Hiroko Kusunoki Architectes #113 POSTED ON 03.07.2015 - [00:16:47]

Winning the Dream Ticket

How does it feel to win the world’s biggest ever architectural competition? We catch up with the winners of the Guggenheim Helsinki competition this week in New York.

Rafael Vinoly Manhattan #118 POSTED ON 27.08.2015 - [00:52:31]

Going Tall in Manhattan…

Our guest this week is Rafael Viñoly, architect behind the towering 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan...

Will Olmos Alsop #117 POSTED ON 07.08.2015 - [00:36:05]

Down on the waterfront

Our Guest today would be the first to admit that has been around the block a few times. He is known not only for his striking modernist buildings, his Stirling prize win, his extensive academic work, his art but also for his turbulent career...