Concrete in the Limelight…

#107 [01:00:13] | 28.04.2015 | 1 comments

Paddy Dillon, lead architect at Haworth Tompkins, takes us behind the scenes on a tour of the £80 million transformation of Denys Lasdun’s brutally beautiful National Theatre on London’s South Bank. Read more

One thought on “Concrete in the Limelight…

  1. An excellent podcast.

    I have just returned to the Lake District after a couple of weeks in London including an afternoon wandering (and photographing for my personal use) around the National Theatre. Although I wish I had listened to the podcast before I paid my visit, it was still extremely informative and helped me to understand much better the architect’s design decisions.

    Perhaps you can extend your podcasts to include videos in due course which would be even better.


    Brian Ormerod
    architect and architectural photographer.

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