Far from the Madding Crowd

#148 [00:32:47] | 27.10.2017 | 1 comments
Neil Porter and Mary Bowman

In this episode, we visit the North London studio of Gustafson Porter + Bowman and talk to directors Neil Porter and Mary Bowman about the role of Landscape Architecture in tomorrow’s cities.

With pressure from rapidly increasing populations building up in our cities, the already frenetic lifestyle is now overlaid with unprecedented levels of construction fall out; noise, dust and general chaos making the creation of quiet havens even more important for the sanity of city workers and residents.

Fittingly, the studio we are about to visit has been unashamedly created from raw concrete, is tucked away in a quiet corner of London and exudes a purposeful peace, in many ways reflecting the work the firm designs.

24/10/2017 Breaking News: After an international competition, with 92 entries in total and ten finalists, Adjaye Associates, Ron Arad Architects and Gustafson Porter + Bowman have been unanimously selected to design the UK’s new Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre.

One thought on “Far from the Madding Crowd

  1.  What is the purpose of another holocaust memorial?
    As humans we have been killing, torturing others since time immemorial and we continue to do this all over the world now.
    In this we as a species have learnt very little – perhaps even getting worse given the apparent development ascribed by us to ourselves.
    Returning to the holocaust why not celebrate the millions of Russians, Poles, Greeks, Japanese, Germans and others who had their futures extinguished without a say. How about the many Palestinians who have lost their lives in confrontation with Israelis – and the Israelis who have achieved the same prize.
    We are people – supposedly the only animal capable of showing altruism and empathy – what is holding us back? And to you the “architects” taking part in this next episode of theatre do you not see that you are adding to intransigence, to tight minded hatred which has no real expression other than to maintain itself by creating ever more empty symbols which presumably will speak to ever more empty minds. My family was lost in Russia during the 1940’s – no memorial except in our hearts – which is how it should be. Their loss is the salt and pepper of life and it is our responsibility to learn, to experience and to bring about meaningful change.
    What are you doing – another prize – gosh, good stuff and salutations as performers but as people you have a long journey ahead I hope you get there.
    My name is Marek Michalski and I am an architect too.

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