Man on a mission

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Mark Burry Sagrada Familia

In an exclusive ShopTalk interview to be broadcast on Sunday 27 December, Prof Mark Burry, the architect responsible for the completion of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, reveals the very latest developments in this epic architectural saga…

The story of the world’s most controversial basilica started 133 years ago when Antoni Gaudí took on the mantel of architect. Its history is mired with tragedy and setbacks, firstly the death of the destitute Gaudí under a tram 44 years into the build, and then the violent destruction of his models and drawings in the first year of the Spanish Civil War. Now, amazing 3-D technologies are being used to painstakingly piece together the shattered fragments of Gaudí’s vision.

During the interview with our Editor-in-Chief, Michael Hammond, Prof Burry gives a world exclusive into the incredible research being carried out right at this moment into recreating the acoustics as they believe Gaudí intended. It’s an extremely hi-tech affair that he could never in his wildest dreams have imagined all those years ago. For now let’s just say it involves hyperbolic paraboloids, silicone ears and a saxophone…amongst other things…

And of course, no study of the Sagrada Familia is complete without discussing the controversies. Should the building have been left unfinished as a ‘testament to a failed genius?’ Find out what Prof Burry has to say in response on Sunday!

Prof Burry is a native New Zealander (and the son of a former All Blacks rugby player). He later studied at Cambridge University in the UK, where the professors were somewhat dismissive of Gaudí’s works. This prompted Prof Burry to visit Barcelona at the first available opportunity to have a look for himself.

A ‘chain of good luck’ saw him appointed to the Sagrada Familia project in 1979. Since then he has devoted his whole career to the task. Listen in this Sunday to hear the fascinating story in full.

But, in the meantime, here is a small taster in which Prof Burry explains how ‘extraordinary things happen’…

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