A long and winding road through architecture…

#141 [00:46:44] | 29.11.2016 | 1 comments
Peter Murray

Today’s guest is one of the best known figures on the London Architecture circuit. His journey through the world of architecture started at the age of seven. Now in his seventies, his joint passions for cycling and the built environment have been harnessed in a relentless campaign to reconfigure the streets of London and provide a vision for cleaning up transport in our cities.

Incredibly, Peter Murray has never practised architecture. In our exclusive interview, Peter explains how he manages to influence design through communication.

One thought on “A long and winding road through architecture…

  1. I was interested to see the photo of Peter Murray holding the ‘priorities’ sign. I am a practising architect in Cambridge (UK) and am in the process of setting up a pedestrian campaign in our city in response to increasing pressure on pedestrians from other forms of transport.
    I would be interested in making contact with Peter to share thoughts.

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