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Roger Meyer (Patel Taylor) and Tim Snelson (Arup Associates)

In the run-up to the UK’s biggest construction event, UK Construction Week and the announcement of the winner of the WAN Concrete in Architecture Award, we talk to Roger Meyer, Associate at Patel Taylor and Tim Snelson, Structural Engineer at Arup Associates about the virtues of concrete, wood and hybrid structures.

Roger talks about Patel Taylor’s recent work using concrete at Essex University which has been very well received. The use of concrete contrasts with traditional red brick universities found across the UK and also echoes the campus’s original 1963 masterplan.

Tim Snelson goes on to discuss Arup Associates use of timber at the Sky HQ building in London and also the use of timber to soften the concrete façade at Coventry University. Tim also considers the future of timber in high rise building and comments on the need to adopt a hybrid approach above a certain height where combinations of steel, timber and concrete could be used.

UK Construction Week takes place at the NEC Birmingham from 18-20 October.

Projects referred to in this podcast are:

University of Essex, Patel Taylor.

Sky HQ London, Arup associates

Coventry University, Arup Associates

Pancho Arena, Budapest, Doparum Architects

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