Will China’s economic woes lead to slump in the UK?

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Steve Watts - Alinea Cost Consulting

Despite the recent doom and gloom in the media surrounding China’s economy and falling oil prices, construction in London continues to boom. Many feel that the correction in the value of Chinese stocks was long overdue, however will it affect the UK and are we in danger of a return to the economic turmoil of 2008? At present there are no signs of projects being cancelled but pressure will start to increase on costs affecting the viability of some schemes.

To discuss these issues, our guest on Shop Talk is Steve Watts, Partner at London-based cost-consultants Alinea. Steve has over 25 years experience in the industry, the last 15 at Davis Langdon, where he has worked with many industry-leading developers and a host of top designers on difficult projects, large and small.

Steve Watts is a WAN AWARDS judge.

Nick Myall
WAN Editorial

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