The reality of architecture in a virtual world…

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Lance Josal

When we start preparing these programmes, we have a pretty good idea of the story or person we want to present. Well that’s the plan anyway. We’re talking to architects of course, so anything can and often does happen. So it was with today’s guest that as the interview progressed, a whole new narrative started to evolve, one that could or should ring twin alarm bells of danger and opportunity to every practising architect.

We expect this episode to spark some thought provoking discussions about the very future of architecture, if you want to comment, we’d love to hear from you just email us on or tweet us on @WANShopTalk

The music selected by Lance is Todd Rundgren’s Utopia Theme. “Architects are always looking for Utopia.”

We start with a small boy in Fargo North Dakota helping his father on a construction site… stick with it, its an amazing story. His name is Lance Josal by the way…

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Background image credit: © Aaron Pocock. Courtesy of CallisonRTKL, Inc.

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